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this will be my first time trying to have a baby and i was just wondering if there was anything in perticular i should stay away from such as kinds of food?, sweets, drinks etc. i am nervous and don't want to mess anything up!

Preparing to Conceive

The most important thing to do when trying to get pregnant is to take care of your body. Eat healthy food. Include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet, especially leafy green vegetables that contain folic acid. You can start taking a prenatal vitamin or you can take a womens multi-vitamin and a folic acid supplement. Avoid high amounts of caffeine and medications that you would not take while pregnant. A pregnancy is often not detected until the 4th or 5th week so it is important to treat your body as though you are pregnant so that you can take care of your baby from the very beginning.

Good luck! You are starting a wonderful adventure.

Will orgasm help to increase my chances of conception?


Orgasm helps to increase the chances of conception. Orgasm increases the blood-flow to the reproductive organs helping them to function better. Orgasm also helps the cervix to "suck" up sperm in the vagina, thus helping the sperm to reach the awaiting egg.
*Note: Conception is possible without female orgasm - it just increases the chances of conception occuring.

Is it necessary to have intercourse everyday?

Intercourse Everyday?

Whether or not you need to have intercourse every day in order to conceive depends upon yours and your partners health and stamina. If your partner has a low sperm count it would be more beneficial to have intercourse every other day. If you are not sure of when ovulation occurs, it may be beneficial to have intercourse every day in order to catch ovulation.

What is the best position to conceive in?

Best Positions For Conception

Any position that allows for deep penetration - i.e. missionary - man on top, side-lying - rear entry. It *may* help to lay on your back for about 20 minutes afterward. Of course, conception has occured in all positions and regardless of laying on back afterwards.

Will stress affect conception?

Cut Down on Stress

If you are trying to conceive unsuccessfully, the best thing to do may be to take a break. For a couple of months stop taking your basal temperature, stop trying to predict your fertile days, and just do what comes naturally. You may find that the best way to get pregnant is to stop trying.

How can I choose the sex of my baby?

Female/Male Sperm

Really, the sex of your baby is determined by whether or not a male or female sperm reach the egg first.

Female sperm swim slower and live longer than male sperm. Therefore for a girl - have intercourse a few days before ovulation. For a boy have intercourse the day of ovulation.

When should I take a break?

Taking a Break

Sometimes when the stresses of trying to conceive have led you no where you may need to take a cycle or two off. Sometimes it's during these "breaks" that conception occurs! It has been proven before - especially by this site's guru!

Is timing intercourse for conception necessary?

Importance of Timing Intercourse for Conception

Timing intercourse for conception is important - however countless women have become pregnant without even trying. For those who are actively trying, the timing of intercourse is important. Pinpoint your ovulation day through fertility charting and try to have intercourse right before and the day of ovulation for best results.

How to avoid stretchmarks?

Avoiding Stretchmarks

Unfortunately, stretch marks are a genetic disposition. If your mother has them - you very likely will get them too. Actually during pregnancy there is no way of completely avoiding them, if you are genetically engineered to have them. Retin A and laser treatments do well to get rid of them - however neither one of them are safe to use during pregnancy. Possible helps to avoid stretchmarks would be to apply creams and lotions - such as cocoa butter creams to help the skin stay moisturized and possibly help to avoid those stretch marks.

How can I choose the sex of my baby?

Seasons - Choosing a Boy or Girl

Some experts claim that girls are conceived more easily in colder climates, and boys in warmer. You will need at least four weeks in either climate if
you want to try this method!

What is the best time of day to conceive?

Time of Day?

It doesn't really matter the time of day you have intercourse for conception. Babies have been conceived at all hours. The important thing is to have the sperm present in the fallopian tubes for when ovulation occurs.

Can I still conceive even though he pulls out?

Withdrawal Method

It is possible to conceive while practicing the withdrawal (pulling out) method. While it's a remote chance, there are many people walking around as a result of using withdrawal as birth control.

Is there a good book that explains how to choose the sex of my baby?

Subscription Resources

A great 12-month subscription program that explains the method clearly and comes with a money-back guarantee is called "Choose the sex of your baby" and is available for immediate download. click here

How can I increase my chances of conception?

Keep Sperm Alive

If vaginal dryness is a problem then right before making love apply egg whites on the penis because the egg whites have calcium that helps sperm to travel and stay alive.

Will douching affect my chances of conception?


Douching is not advised ever - unless your physician told you to do so. Douching will decrease your chances of conception by washing out the good fertile-quality cervical fluid. Douching has also been linked to certain cancers and infections.

How can I choose the sex of my baby?

How To Make A Boy or Girl - Resource

Lisette and Les Toth have written two excellent ebooks titled "How To Make A Baby Boy" and "How To Make A Baby Girl." Each ebook details all the information you need in creating the baby of your dreams. The Toth's successfully used the method in conceiving both a girl and a boy. For more information click here.

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