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What can I do to prevent chemical pregnancies?

Chemical Pregnancy Prevention

If the causes of chemical pregnancies are chromasomal or immune - your physician can prescribe the best treatment with medications. If the chemical pregnancies occur because of a luteal phase defect, low progesterone or inadaquate uterine lining you can take vitamin B6 (at least 50 mg a day), use progesterone cream after ovulation and take one baby or low-dose aspirin a day. These will aid in increasing the luteal phase - helping the progesterone to rise and in the case of the aspirin -will aid in the blood flow to the uterus -thus helping to increase the uterine lining.

Why should I take aspirin?


Baby or low dose (81 mg) aspirin will help in preventing certain types of miscarriages. Some physicians will want a pregnant mom to continue taking one aspirin a day throughout her pregnancy. Always follow the advice of your physician on taking any medications -especially when trying to conceive.

Why do chemical pregnancies occur?

Reasons For Chemical Pregnancies

Chemical pregnancies occur because of several reasons. The number one reason they occur are luteal phase defects - which are directly caused from low progesterone. Other reasons they occur are inadaquate uterine lining, chromosonal abnormalities, immune issues and obstructions in the uterus such as fibroid tumors and IUD's.

What is a chemical pregnancy?

Chemical Pregnancy - Defined

A chemical pregnancy is an early miscarriage that occurs at around the time the menstrual cycle is due. This happens when a fertilized egg starts to implant signaling the body that a pregnancy has occured -then the implantation does not complete. There are several reasons why these occur and almost every woman will experience one or many in her fertile lifetime.

What are the benefits of baby aspirin?

Aspirin Preventing Miscarriage

Taking one baby aspirin or one low-dose aspirin a day may help to prevent certain early miscarriages. Possibly it helps in the prevention of antibodies that causes miscarriages.

How will I know if I´m having a chemical pregnancy?

Detecting A Chemical Pregnancy

You can discover you have a chemical pregnancy by taking a home pregnancy test early. You will achieve a positive result then bleeding will occur. Some tests - such as the ones sold on this site are sensitive enough to detect a pregnancy before the menstrual cycle is due. You can also tell if your basal body temperatures rise to a third level - triphasic - and then drop suddenly around the time the cycle is due.

What are the benefits of baby aspirin?

Benefits of Aspirin

Baby aspirin helps with the blood flow to the reproductive organs. It helps to build the uterine lining. This can possibly help to reduce the chances of miscarriage.

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