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Will water increase my chances of conceiving?

Water, Water and More Water

When trying to conceive it is very important to drink lots of water about 8-10 cups a day. This helps to "clean out" your system and helps to increase fertile quality cervical fluid. Also, it's a good habit to begin for pregnancy - when drinking a lot of water is imperative.

Should I start taking prenatal vitamins?

Prenatal Vitamins

It's important to start prenatal vitamins while you are trying to conceive. It gets you in a good habit and the folic acid in prenatals help to prevent certain birth defects. Prenatal vitamins also contain a good amount of calcium and iron which are beneficial in pregnancy.

Do I need a pre-pregnancy exam?

Pre-Pregnancy Exam

Before you start trying to conceive you should schedule a pelvic exam. Your doctor will give you a pap smear as well as check for an abonormalities in a regular exam of the uterus and ovaries. Tell them you are planning on getting pregnant and ask them about a prescription for prenatal vitamins.

Is nutrition important while trying to conceive?


While trying to conceive it's very important to maintain proper nutrition. Eat healthy portions from all the food groups everyday and avoid excess sugars and fat. Especially be sure to get plenty of calcium to maintain healthy bones and to help build a healthy baby.

Should I break any bad habits?

Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking bad habits while trying to conceive is important. Quit smoking, drinking alcohol, and limit your intake of caffine. These things can greatly harm a developing fetus.

What nutrient does my body need for conception and pregnancy?


Eating foods rich in calcium is important to maintain healthy bones in both you and your developing baby. Dairy foods contain maximum amounts of calcium. If you are unable to eat dairy foods, take a calcium supplement.

What does it cost to receive care during pregnancy?

Costs of Pregnancy

Before you start trying to conceive, it is a good idea to think of the costs of prenatal care. Do you have insurance that covers maternity? If so, can you afford the deductibles and copays? If you have no insurance, keep in mind that most doctors and hospitals want the entire bill paid by the 7th month of pregnancy.

What nutrient does my body need for conception and pregnancy?


Iron is important in pregnancy and should be taken while trying to conceive to insure healthy blood. Iron can be taken in supplement form. Iron can be found in foods such as enriched breads, prune juice, nuts, caviar, cheddar cheese, egg yolks, chickpeas,lentils, pumpkin seeds, black-strap molasses, mussels, wheat germ, whole-grain products, seaweed and red meats.

What brand of prenatal vitamins should I take?

What Brand of Prenatal Vitamins?

There are 2 different types of prenatal vitamins - prescription and over-the-counter. The only difference is that prescription prenatal vitamins will have more folic acid per tablet than will the over-the-counter ones.

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