A False Negative

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What are the chances for a false-negative test result?

A False Negative

The chances of receiving a false negative test result is greater than that of a false positive. The reasons for a false negative are that your body may not be producing enough hCG for that particular test to detect. Some women have gone as long as 17 days post ovulation before receiving a positive home pregnancy test result.



6/26/2006 6:30:18 AM
Lisa said:

With my daughter my period was 8 days late before I got a +ve test result, then my GP tried to confirm it at few days later and got a -ve result, I was so upset I bought a test that night and it was +ve.....but just wanted to say that my first +ve result was 22 days past ovulation, and GP's -ve was about 25 days past ovulation, so I think the 17 days quoted here is a bit low.

3/27/2007 2:14:02 PM
Cat said:

With my Son I recv'd false urine results until 12 weeks pregnant.


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