Cervical Fluid When First Pregnant

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What will cervical fluid look like when pregnancy occurs?

Cervical Fluid When First Pregnant

When pregnancy occurs, the cervix begins producing a mucus plug, which produces a lot of white creamy cervical fluid. When first pregnant, the fluid may be dry, or you may notice a little more creamy fluid. Usually when menstruation draws near, the fluid will take on a more creamy/watery appearance. When pregnant it will be more whitish or yellowish.



3/1/2007 2:31:55 PM
Heidi said:

I am hoping I am pregnant. It is Day 23 of my cycle and I have a whitish/yellowy dischrage which I never get this time in my cycle so I am hoping it is a sign I am pregnant. It was the advice I was looking for. Thanks!

6/17/2007 4:13:20 PM
Diana said:

This is the best site I have found for simple, clear answers to conception & fertility questions. I love the wide variety of questions that are addressed here. I realize that I am not crazy for wondering about some of these things. THANKS for great info!


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