Chemical Pregnancy Prevention

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What can I do to prevent chemical pregnancies?

Chemical Pregnancy Prevention

If the causes of chemical pregnancies are chromasomal or immune - your physician can prescribe the best treatment with medications. If the chemical pregnancies occur because of a luteal phase defect, low progesterone or inadaquate uterine lining you can take vitamin B6 (at least 50 mg a day), use progesterone cream after ovulation and take one baby or low-dose aspirin a day. These will aid in increasing the luteal phase - helping the progesterone to rise and in the case of the aspirin -will aid in the blood flow to the uterus -thus helping to increase the uterine lining.



1/23/2007 1:54:42 PM
j said:

This keeps happening to my wife.Just wondering if anyone has had success with this type of prevention?

3/1/2007 11:22:53 AM
l said:

I have had 2 and was taking B6, asprin, and progesterone after ovulation- no luck yet. I feel your frustration.


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