Vitex aka Chaste Tree Berry

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Vitex aka Chaste Tree Berry

Vitex is also known as Chaste Tree Berry. Vitex has been called the female herb. Vitex is a hormone regulator, regulating estrogen and progesterone. Vitex should be taken from menstruation to ovulation, though some women claim that it is beneficial to take all cycle. Ask your health care providor to be sure about the proper time and dosage. Vitex should NEVER be taken with the fertility drug Clomid.



2/1/2009 9:29:30 PM
may said:

it is great,it help me with cramp pain during the menstruation

2/15/2009 4:45:47 PM
maggie said:

why what happens.... I didnt know and took 13 225 pills one a day while starting clomid my first month I stopped but i dont know what to do if wait to try get pregnant until next month or more time. I asked my dr and she said to stop vitex and try for baby that its ok but Im not sure if Its really ok???? please can someone tell me if they know what exacly happens to me or baby

12/20/2011 8:04:47 AM
Yeraldin said:

Grasias x las información.. Que planta tan marabilllosa ..

12/20/2011 8:14:09 AM
Yeraldin said:

Grasias x las información.. Que planta tan marabilllosa ..


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