Avoiding Stretchmarks

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How to avoid stretchmarks?

Avoiding Stretchmarks

Unfortunately, stretch marks are a genetic disposition. If your mother has them - you very likely will get them too. Actually during pregnancy there is no way of completely avoiding them, if you are genetically engineered to have them. Retin A and laser treatments do well to get rid of them - however neither one of them are safe to use during pregnancy. Possible helps to avoid stretchmarks would be to apply creams and lotions - such as cocoa butter creams to help the skin stay moisturized and possibly help to avoid those stretch marks.



1/29/2008 8:28:42 AM
Naomi said:

In my family we all use a cream called MOTHERS FRIEND, everyone in my family uses this cream, when I was pregant for the first time I used this cream everyday, and I had no stretchmarks, With my 2 pregnancy I told my doctor about the cream and he told me that it was a genetics, So I did stop using it, and I had so many stretchmarks, I know that this is the best Cream around that WILL help!

2/16/2009 7:52:59 AM
Nat said:

The better treatment for stretch marks is aloe vera gel. Try it as I have done it but it will take some time to dissapear but will surely. Aplly it everyday 3 times


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